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    Amazon Product Photography

    Amazon Product Photography

    Amazon Product Photography

    Product photography is an essential part of the ecommerce sales process. You need to take high quality pictures of your products to help potential customers make the purchase. Learn how to take professional quality product images for Amazon and you will increase sales and product.

    1. What is product photography and what are the benefits?

    Product photography is a term to describe the process of taking pictures of comsumer retail products.  If you are selling a product on Amazon, it is important to make it your product images high quality.

    If you don't take the time to make sure your product images are professional, it is possible that your products will be disqualified from the Amazon marketplace.

    Product photography is a relatively easy process if you have the right equipment. There are many ways to take product shots, but the most important thing is to make sure your product is in focus.

    When you are taking product shots, it is important to make sure your product is in a good light.

    If you are working in a small space, you can use a reflector or a light source to make sure your product is properly lit.

    High quality product images have many benefits:

    • help to improve conversion rates help to improve the quality of your website
    • help to create a more positive online shopping experience
    • help you to stand out from your competitors
    • help you to build trust with your customers
    • help you to build confidence in your brand


    2. What are the types of product photography?

    The approach to product photography you take will depend on the type of product you are selling. If you are selling a product that is a physical object, you will need product photography that shows the physical product from varying angles.

    If your product is digital, you will need product photography that shows the product in use. 


    3. Why is your Amazon product photography so important?

    The main hero image needs to be high-quality and compelling enough to generate further interest. Customers cannot see the actual product, they need to see every angle to be sure they know exactly what they’re buying. By providing high-quality images in your listings customers are be more likely to trust your brand.

    Low-quality images may reflect badly on the product itself and your brand. Typically customers will view look at your product images first before reading text. 

    Make an impression and encourage the customer’s purchasing decision Product photography is a great way to create a stand out on Amazon; avoid using generic images from the supplier. Lots of images and infographics will help increase your conversion rates.

    Try creating lifestyle imagery, this helps showcase how your product works to your target audience. 


    4. How to take product photos for Amazon Using A LED Light Box

    Before photographing your Amazon products, make sure the lighting is adequate so that your products look as natural as possible. If it's too dark, it can be difficult to see all the features. If it is too bright, the image will look overexposed.

    We regularly get asked if a LED Lightbox takes good photos. Well actually the Lightbox doesn’t take any photos at all. The lightbox provides balanced light so that the camera or smartphone can take an amazing photo.

    With a Lightbox that has adjustable LED lighting the resulting photos are superior to trying to take the shot with poor lighting.

    However, there is more to a good photo that just good lighting.  There are basically four key elements found in good photography.

    These are lighting, hardware, software and of course the user/photographer.

    1. The Lighting. Light is often the hardest component to get right, but it is the number 1 factor in photography for both amateurs and pro’s alike. Ask any professional photographer and they will all tell you correct light is critical to the desired result.  

    2. The Hardware. Having the good camera is important, be it a DSLR, digital point-and-shoot or probably the most popular the smart phone, having a quality device to capture your shot does matter.

    While DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras are still the staple for professional and amateur photographers alike, smartphone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung have made significant inroads to camera market with continual advancements in technology.

    The quality of hardware is a key component to quality results but for most of us the iPhone or similar is the go to device of choice. The quality from these devices is amazing, if you know how to use them. If you are looking a upskill and have limited time and budget check out some quick tutorials on YouTube.

    3.The Software. On a smart phone, this software is embedded in the camera app. If you are using a smart phone is it a good idea to get a full understanding of its capabilities, jump onto YouTube and watch a couple of tutorials before you get started. You will likely be surprised with the functionality you did not know even existed! Software can also be found on modern digital and DSLR cameras within the auto-modes and manual settings. It is all controlled by buttons, switches and touch screens.

    The internal software is specifically designed to provide more control over the desired photo results, if you are not sure how to get the most out of your camera take a course it will be worth your while. Also consider editing applications like Photoshop another essential type of software.

    Cloud apps like Canva are amazing at tweaking your images and most features are free. There are also basic editing tools found on most computer operating systems.

    These apps typically allow for cropping, filters and minor editing to improve the desired outcome, but most are pretty basic. Keep in mind that editing photos is time consuming and a real pain, as mentioned in another one of our blogs, shoot for the edit. This means, take as much care in the original photo as possible so you have to do very minimal editing to get your product photos online.

    4.The User. The user or, more specifically, the knowledge of the user is the fourth key element in producing amazing images. It is your expertise in whatever format you choose that can possibly make all the difference in your photography. Understanding the other key elements and educating yourself will result in visual wow!

    The challenge is to learn this stuff, master it, and enjoy the journey of taking great photos for whatever purpose. Our lightbox’s are intended to work with each of these elements to improve your photography. They do an amazing job at providing a the lighting environment that can be used with any camera or smartphone, and maximizes what software can do while minimizing the amount of actual post-editing required.

    Why is high quality product photography so important on Amazon?

    Product photography is a key element that sets you apart from your competitor. 

    This allows you to interact with your customers, showcase your product's features and benefits, and tell your brand's story.

    High quality photos capture the attention of buyers and ultimately increase  conversions. 

    They are a worthwhile investment for Amazon brands looking to dominate their category. Try out one of our LED Photography Light Boxes for your next Amazon Product Photography Shoot!

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